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The combustion system is often one of the most critical aspects of the manufacturing process. At Fives North American we understand the complex variables associated with combustion. Our expertise in these processes allows us to help our customers improve plant performance and gain the competitive edge they need in today’s marketplace.

Fives North American understands your needs.

  • An in-depth understanding of heat transfer, both rate and uniformity, and its idiosyncrasies
  • Application expertise across a wide variety of industries.
  • Understanding of the process trade-offs that are critical when striving to maximize fuel efficiency, throughput, and quality while minimizing emissions

Fives North American has the talent and equipment to deliver the right solution.

  • Thermal plant construction and installation capability to deliver turnkey performance
  • Expertise in combustion supervision, management, and code compliance
  • Field Service, maintenance, operator training programs, and safety audits
  • Best-in-class application-specific products and advanced controls

Fives North American delivers results that will help you improve your competitiveness.

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Increase production processes
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Meet safety and code requirements

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